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Unlimited Free Km >3 days
VAT - 24% Local Tax
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Romanian Road Tax
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Booking a Car Romania: About Us
 Our company has been serving Romania for many years. The company started life as a local provider, serving 
the Bucharest area, and has always prided itself on offering the best possible customer service and meeting the
specific needs of customers in the Bucharest area. We understand that people who are renting cars in Romania,
whether that is for business or personal reasons, have the highest expectations for quality, safety and service.
Meeting those expectations is a part of the core values of our company.

Promotor Rent a Car is a Registered Company

Promotor Rent A Car S.R.L is registered in Bucharest as a company that provides legal car hire services. We
use a professional system of training to ensure that all of our employees offer high quality service, and when a
customer rents a car with us they sign a document which lays out their rights and responsibilities. We are
committed to providing the highest quality standards and use a fair and efficient system of rules and charges for
our auto rental service. We are always willing to listen to feedback from our customers.

Great Value Auto Rental

To ensure that we offer competitive, reasonable and fair rates we use a two-stage charging system. We use
short term strategies (one day to one month) with discounts, special offers, low rates and loyalty programs to
ensure that everyone whether a long term membership holder or a new customer, can get a good deal. We also
We aim to ensure a responsible and competitive rate for our clients.
All taxes and insurance are included in our charges and we offer monthly rates as well. Cars are delivered to the
client's location (for example an airport) by employees of the company, to ensure a hassle-free service.
Customers do not have to worry about hidden costs and delivery, VAT and other general costs are included,
as are waiver costs, theft protection insurance and other essentials. Customers can pay using credit or debit
cards, bank transfers or cash, in Euros, British Pounds and Ron.

Contact Promotor Rent a Car

If you have any questions about our services, you can contact us by telephone at: +40734 403 403, alternatively,
feel free to send us a fax at:  +40213305544 or reach us by email at the head office email address, which is

Our website also has a contact form, as well as a reservation form. Feel free to browse our selection of cars and
make a reservation, taking advantage of our special offers.

Our Commitment to You

Promotor Rent a Car takes pride in providing new models of the most desirable vehicles, serviced to the highest
standards. Our cars are clean and we make safety a priority. We are committed to delivering cars to rental
customers promptly, and our employees enjoy wage satisfaction and social development, so they take pride in
their work. We hope that you will use Promotor Rent a Car for your Romanian travel needs.