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Rent a Car Guidelines

> Aditional driver
> Age
>Road assistance
> Insurance
> Super CDW and TP
> Availability
> Crossing the border
> Payment methods
> Pickup/Delivery
> Driving license
> Fuel
> Outside office hours rental
> Motor Liability Insurance
> PAI - Personal Insurance
> Prepayment Option
> TP - Theft protection
Additional Driver Policy
Extra drivers on a car rental policy are subject to the same terms and conditions as the primary driver. A maximum of 30 EUR per rental contract calculated at an additional 2 EUR per day for the additional driver will be charged.
All drivers must be at least 21 years of age to rent or drive a vehicle.
Roadside Assistance Benefit
All car rental agreements come with a 24/7 roadside assistance policy available at +40734 403 403.
Car Insurance Coverage
The rental price at Promotor Rent-a-Car includes Third Party Liability, Theft Protection, and Collision Damage Waiver insurance. The client's maximum liability should major damage be incurred during the rental is the warranty amount.
CDW: Except for in cases of theft, the financial responsibility of the lessee is limited to the warranty amount when a vehicle is either completely or partially destroyed.
TPL: This automobile liability insurance policy is in place to cover third parties who suffer injuries after a car accident in which the driver at fault provides a monetary reward when either bodily injury has been suffered or property damage has occurred.
TP: Covering auto theft or any destruction which may be found after recovery, this policy reduces the lessee's financial responsibility.
Super CDW and TP
Lessees may contract for a daily rate that relieves them of all financial responsibility when damage to the vehicle or an auto theft occurs. When this rate is charged, the rental deposit is waived. The daily rate will depend upon the type of vehicle rented and will cost between 7-15 EU each day with a minimum charge of 50 EU and a max of 200 EU per each rental contract. These rates are increased by 100% when drivers are less than 25 years of age.
Rental Availability
Renters are provided 24/7 access to Promotor agents to pick up or return their rental anywhere inside the city limits of Bucharest and at locations in every major Romanian city. To find out if the car you want is available in your area, fo to the Car Reservations tab on the Promotor website or call us at +4 0734 403 403.
Additional Charges When Crossing International Borders
An additional fee is assessed when customers which to travel outside of Romania to cover the cost of required foreign insurance at a rate between 80 and 500 EU that is calculated based upon the destination country.
Methods of Payment
Payment may be made for car rental services by one of two ways: cash in EURO, USD, RON, or GBP or a Mastercard or VISA credit card. The cash method is not available when making the deposit. A valid credit car must be submitted in this case for security reasons.
Arranging for Pickup or Delivery
Free pickup or delivery is available at our Bucharest City office located at Tineretului Blvd, No. 31, Unit 37, sc.b, ap. 48 or for 10 EUR from any Bucharest location or any major Romanian city during regular office hours (08:00-20:00). An additional 15 EUR charge will be added to pickups or deliveries made outside of these restrictions.
Driver's License Requirements
All renters must have been in possession of a driver's license for a minimum of 12 months to enter into a car rental agreement with us. The license must be written using Latin letters, i.e., the languages must be English, Italian, French, German, etc. If the prospective car renter has an international drivers license that is valid, that is also acceptable.
Fuel for the Car
Each rental car will be delivered with a certain amount of fuel in the fuel tank as written into the contract and the car lessee must return the auto with the same amount of fuel in the tank. If the car is returned without the required amount of fuel, an additional charge plus the cost of fuel for empty tank will be charged. Renters may pay in advance for the cost of a full fuel tank at the lowest rate available to avoid the additional charge.
Renting a Car Outside of Regular Office Hours
Car rental is available 24/7. Car deliver and pickup is free between the hours of 8 am and 8 pm (regular office hours) and can be done outside of those hours for an additional 20,00 EUR fee. 
A 20,00 EUR charge is necessary to rent a car during non-office hours.
Motor Liability Insurance Provided
Property damage is covered up to 100,000 EUR while personal injury costs are covered up to 250,000 EUR.
Personal Insurance Coverage (PAI)
PAI coverage when death, medical expenses, or disability occurs due to an accident. Coverage extends to the drivers as well as any passengers in the vehicle.
The cost of coverage for PAI is 6 EUR for cars and !$ EUR for rental of a bus or minibus.
Maximum Coverage for PAI:
- Disability: 50,000/ 25,000 EUR;
- Death: 25,000/12,500 EUR;
- Surgery: 1000/500 EUR;
- Hospitalization: 50/25 EUR(with payments beginning on the fourth day).
Option for Prepayment
The most common time for payment of a rental contract is when the vehicle is picked up. A payment may be made in advance via a bank transfer. 
Theft Protection (TP)
Theft Protection is designed to limit client liability to the warranty amount when a rental vehicle is stolen.
Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
Clients liability is limited to the warranty amount when the car sustains major damage.
The cost of VAT is 24% and is included in the price of the rental.